The team at eTouchMenu is pleased to announce a comprehensive update of the company’s website, offering users a cohesive and thoughtful branded experience that more accurately reflects the offerings and trajectory of the business.

We conducted a Q & A with eTouchMenu president Jon Wolfe, who shared his perspective on the acquisition of eTouchMenu, the new website, and where eTouchMenu fits in the broader market.

Why did the eTouchMenu website require an update (or to be created)?

eTouchMenu was acquired from a different company located in Minnesota. The website we inherited, we think, had a lot of difficulties initially, as did the product we purchased. We went through a large effort to rebrand the company, logos, colors, styles—and that certainly required an update. 

After the acquisition, we also focused on evolving the product. We stratified the eTouchMenu’s suite of solutions to better identify with different types of businesses, customers and price points.

We also added a lot of new functionality that was overdue for the marketplace and put us at the forefront of the technology being offered in this space. All of this demanded a rebrand, rerelease, and a better explanation to our customers and potential customers what it is that makes our technology and our company special.

What can people learn from the new website? What is its purpose?

Thanks to this rebrand, I believe people will better be able to understand why our company and our technology is heads and shoulders above the competitors. Our technology is special, our team is special, and we provide insightful services and solutions to an area of the industry which is very fragmented.

It’s hard to tell who the long-term players will be, and it’s important to be able to clearly verbalize to the marketplace the incredible success story that brought us here, and how we will be continuing to expand on that success in this field in upcoming years.

What are the features on the new website that people should take advantage of or pay close attention to?

We unveiled a lot of new technology this year—there’s no doubt about that. There are lots of exciting advancements out there on the site to take in and possibly consider for your business. However, I think the one huge theme through the entire site is that we are agnostic.

We are committed to integration and compatibility with any Point-of-Sales system, credit card processor, hardware available in the market, as well as large numbers of loyalty providers.

Our commitment is to provide a solution that embraces your current investment and philosophies, and extends that value through new capabilities, in a way that your business currently operates. Most people are not committed to that approach because it’s too expensive or takes a larger team to achieve that flexibility. However, we are heavily committed to being the most agnostic and malleable solution and company in the marketplace.

How does the eTouchMenu website reflect the ethos or approach of the brand? Is it “touch” optimized for mobile devices?

Our brand approach is very customer-centric. I think that certainly shines through on the site in so many areas. Additionally, the site visual stimulating and leans on much of our touch-driven menu technology that is head and shoulders above the rest.

While the newly updated site and product suite are exciting and robust, we are always working on improving the visual and tactile aspects of our technology, as well as making our interfaces more intuitive.

What do you want the world to know about this new the new website? What about eTouchMenu in general—and its acquisition?

I think we want the world to know that eTouchMenu is a different company than it was initially when we purchased it, we invested heavily, in technology, in the effort, in features, and in ease of use. That a one of a kind solution has been launched and we are committed to setting the standard for others in the industry to match.


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About eTouchMenu:

eTouchMenu is your “always-on” digital menu and payment partner for excellence in implementing, managing, and optimizing payment and guest ordering solutions. The industry’s only agnostic provider with a comprehensive suite of digital menu solutions delivers the guest experience, service speed and EMV pay-at-table compliance that customers require. eTouchMenu provides certified integrations with most POS providers, multiple loyalty, payment processors and PMS solutions. As seen on Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr. on Fox Business News, the eTouchMenu tablet and kiosk solutions are transforming traditional restaurant menus into immersive digital experiences with high levels of ROI. For more information on eTouchMenu, please visit


Innovations with Ed Begley, Jr. will broadcast on November 14, 2018 at 6:30a ET via History Channel. Check your local listings for more information.

Exploring how technology is being used in the hospitality industry, Innovations will focus on eTouchMenu™, which is transforming traditional paper menus into immersive digital menu experiences – taking brand engagement to a new level.

“eTouchMenu is a fully integrated proactive menu solution developed to meet all the needs of the hospitality industry,” said Jon C. Wolfe, President & CEO of eTouchMenu. “We are at the leading edge of capturing customer data and driving new business along with the highest levels of customer loyalty.”

The show will also educate about eTouchMenu™ SmartMenu™ software, which has the most intuitive user interface on the digital menu market. For a guest or patron, finding what they want is an easy and fun interactive experience.

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