Our Products

Meet the eTouchMenu Lineup of Digital Menu and Ordering Products
eTouchMenu offers a variety of digital menu and customer service products, each completely customizable to meet the unique needs of your business.

Our Products


A simple, intuitive guest facing digital menu platform for full-service restaurants.


POS-integrated digital payments enables guests to view and pay bills securely at the table.


A digital menu platform that enables guests to order and pay from kiosks and have food delivered to tables or counter.


Build mobile ordering apps that enable customers to order to-go or directly to the POS.


Automate order-taking for table-side servers with digitized menus on mobile devices to reduce ordering time and improve order accuracy.


A complete payment platform for POS-integrated ordering and sales for retail operations, including loyalty and gift card options

Meet the eTouchMenu Team of Digital Ordering Devices

Tablet Devices

Supports iOS, Android and Windows

Clover® Devices

For tabletop ordering and payment.


Self-service ordering and payment

Wearable Technology

Real-time notifications for better, more efficient service

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