Our Partners

eTouchMenu partners with leading ecommerce payment processing gateways, payment processors, POS systems, property management systems, and rewards and loyalty solution providers.

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Loyalty Program Integration


Payment Gateway Integration

eTouchMenu is a proud partner of the Ingenico Group. The Ingenico MOBY series mobile devices are sleek, thoughtfully designed units that provide eTouchMenu with a reliable ANDROID platform to deploy our premium digital menu and payment applications. With their integrated RP457c card reader, the Moby series devices enable eTouchMenu to offer full EMV, magstripe, NFC payment functionality and certification to the leading U.S. payment processors. The team at Ingenico Group is a pleasure to work with and they provide conscientious support for our business.

eTouchMenu is a proud partner of Clover®. Clover creates smart, compact and versatile mobile devices that are a great fit for any size business when combined with eTouchMenu’s premium digital menu and payment applications. Whether a table-top device or a handheld unit, Clover delivers the ultimate in flexibility and the functionality that eTouchMenu customers demand.

ETM Payments LLC is a registered Independent Sales Organization (ISO) of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA.