Digital Menu & Kiosk Devices

When you partner with eTouchMenu, your business receives access to the newest digital menu companion devices on the market. From tabletop or handheld devices to kiosks and linked server smartwatches, you’ll be getting the best package for your industry and customer service goal

Each device runs off of our SmartMenu™ software, an intuitive platform that your guests can navigate with ease. The flexible format works seamlessly with any device choice, giving your menu of foods and services the aesthetic appeal it deserves. But it’s more than just a menu; it’s interactive. Our system can connect guests to servers, upsell, deliver check, and streamline the payment process with secure P2P encryption.

Countertop Tablets

Versatile tablets allow guests to swipe and tap their way through your interactive menu and the mouth-watering, high-definition photographs that promote larger guest check averages. They may be programmed to display promotions, change menus throughout the day, and call the waiter. Tablets can also process secure guest payment, and check balance and reward points on loyalty cards.


Clover® Devices

The Clover device sits on a table, bar top, or other space as a permanent presence. The screen displays information much like a tablet. Guests navigate the device by using the touchscreen, swiping and tapping. It can be programmed with a custom-designed menu for order taking, though the primary purpose of the Clover device is to streamline the payment process at the table. It lists the charges, displays the total, and allows a guest to pay by credit card. The device is EMV enabled and programmed with P2P security.



eTouchMenu kiosks are a great addition to any fast casual dining establishments or concessions venue. The menus are typically less complex for quick ordering and streamlined payment processes. Because no cashier is necessary for taking orders or handling payment, overhead goes down as your labor costs decreases. In addition, the line length and wait times for guests are decreased drastically, improving overall customer satisfaction.


Wearable Technology

Servers outfitted with smartwatches can receive notifications from guests, fellow staff and the kitchen to help improve server and guest relations, improve efficiency, and keep your restaurant running smoothly. With a server smartwatch to stay organized, servers can handle more tables and increase their tips at the same time. Instant notifications allow servers to update guests with order status, or inform the kitchen if the customer orders change.


The Clover name and logo are owned by Clover Network, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of First Data corporation, and are registered or used in the U.S. and many foreign countries.