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eTouchMenu Is Reinventing The Dining And Shopping Experience!

eTouchMenu is a pioneer in contactless payment technology, transforming traditional paper menus into immersive digital experiences. Our solutions are deployed in leading restaurants, airports, hotels, retail stores, family entertainment operations and casinos.

eTouchMenu gives you the tools to turn order-taking and point-of-sales transactions into new opportunities for building customer loyalty and heightening brand engagement.

eTouchMenu technology helps your business increase revenue:

  • Boost average check size
  • Facilitate upsell and pairing opportunities
  • Improve table turns
  • Increase revenue with mobile app and to-go ordering

Our solutions help control costs and generate measurable ROI:​

  • Reduce fraud and charge backs
  • Guest self-serve ordering via tablet and kiosks
  • Reduce labor costs by allowing our devices to handle the payment process
  • Provide faster, more efficient guest service

eTouchMenu provides more agnostic options for brands to select the right combination of equipment, integrations, and payment flexibility than any other digital menu technology company in the market.

Our Products


A simple, intuitive guest facing digital menu platform for full-service restaurants.


POS-integrated digital payments enables guests to view and pay bills securely at the table.


A digital menu platform that enables guests to order and pay from kiosks and have food delivered to tables or counter.


Build mobile ordering apps that enable customers to order to-go or directly to the POS.


Automate order-taking for table-side servers with digitized menus on mobile devices to reduce ordering time and improve order accuracy.


A complete payment platform for POS-integrated ordering and sales for retail operations including loyalty, gift cards options.

Digital Ordering Devices

eTouchMenu are agnostic and available for multiple mobile ordering and payment platforms, including:

Tablet Devices

Supports iOS, Android and Windows

Clover Devices

For tabletop ordering and payment.

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Self-service ordering and payment

Wearable Technology

Real-time notifications for better, more efficient service

Advantages of eTouchMenu, the Perfect Hospitality Companion

eTouchMenu’s SmartMenu™ software delivers a new level of guest experience and measurable ROI.

Enhance Guest Experiences

  • Merchandize the menu
  • Enable pairings, recommendations and upselling
  • Mouth-watering digital imagery
  • Order from full menu with modifiers
  • Request service via wearable technologies
  • Pay at the table

Boost ROI

  • Increase guest check average with easy reorders, intuitive digital menu
  • Increase order accuracy
  • Improve table turns

Pay At The Table

  • Swipe and pay
  • Secure P2P encryption
  • EMV solutions
  • Device agnostic

Improve Service Efficiencies

  • Reduce labor costs
  • Fewer 'In the Weeds' shift
  • Wearable technology solutions
  • Makes shifts easier and more profitable for servers


eTouchMenu has developed specialized solutions to address the unique requirements of the following industries:


With specialized solutions for Full Service Fine Dining and Fast Casual Restaurants, eTouchMenu optimizes the efficiency of your floor operation, connecting customers directly to your servers, improving order accuracy, simplifying payment, and increasing table turnovers for a higher ROI. All fully integrated with your POS so orders flow to the kitchen as configured. Leverage eTM’s kiosks and mobile solutions for quick services restaurants (QSR) to allow guest ordering that improves order fulfillment, line busting and upsell opportunities.


Cater to the layover times and specific needs of travelers by allowing your customers to expedite service, provide re-order options and order fulfillment. eTouchMenu provides flexibility for ultimate customer satisfaction and better execution.


Keep casino patrons on the floor longer by providing easily accessible eTouchMenu food and beverage service. With less time tracking down servers and food, they’ll spend more time on the slots and tables.

eTM kiosk solution solves the buffet ordering by using guest facing kiosk solution that eliminate long lines while increasing payment options by including loyalty currency, promotions and charge to room options.

Family Entertainment

Family fun doesn’t have to include waiting in long lines for tasty treats. Keep your customers at Amusement Parks, Bowling Alley, Driving Ranges, and Movie Theaters focused on the entertainment you provide by simplifying food and beverage ordering with a customized eTouchMenu service plans and devices that keep everyone connected.


Provide your guests with all of the amenities and little extras that make their hotel stay unforgettable. eTouchMenu enhances room-service convenience that translates into guest loyalty while also increasing average room tab.


Simplify and streamline stadium hospitality services to attract more sales and please your customers by streamlining suite food and beverage orders and helping season-ticket holders stay in their seats for those big game moments.


eTouchMenu digital ordering solutions support leading restaurants, fast casual food operations, entertainment venues, and retail operations.

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Our Partners

eTouchMenu integrates with the leading POS, payment processing gateways, payment processors, property management systems, gift cards and loyalty solution providers plus equipment agnostic solution giving multiple equipment options for iOS, Android and Windows.