The eTouchMenu Advantage

What sets eTouchMenu apart? The answer is simple: eTouchMenu offers more. More solutions, more choices. More features. More support. More results.

eTouchMenu technology and devices are proven to benefit your business in distinct ways. Our solutions deliver a check exactly when the table wants it, helps encourage tips, and provides secure payment options. Your customer service may already be great, but partnered with eTouchMenu it can be unparalleled and set your establishment apart from competitors.

eTouchMenu helps you:

Increase Revenue

  • Fun, Intuitive User Interface.
  • Every device that uses our SmartMenu™ software has the most intuitive user interface on the digital menu market. For a guest or server, choosing what they want is an easy interactive experience.
  • Upsell Marketing.
  • From mouth-watering digital imagery to promotional messages, the digital menu we create for you will encourage add-on purchasing.
  • Increase Guest Check Averages.
  • Due to a merchandized menu and guided table marketing, guest check averages increase.
  • Increase Order Accuracy
  • When a customer orders food, products, or services directly from an eTouchMenu device, the information is recorded and sent to your team to take action.
  • Improve Table Turns
  • Because service itself is faster, the check is delivered at the touch of a button, and payment happens immediately at the table, a table can be immediately turned over for new guests. Faster table turns means more revenue.

Control Costs

  • Reduce Labor Cost
  • Our devices handle the payment process for your services, in many cases entirely eliminating the need for a designated cashier or anyone to take orders (in the case of QSR or fast casual restaurants). In full service restaurants and other establishments, far fewer servers are needed as efficiency increases.
  • Let Customers Order and Pay On Their Own
  • Increase customer self-service with mobile apps and kiosk sales.
  • Reduce Credit Card Charges
  • Reduce fraud and charge backs with secure, EMV-ready devices and services.

Boost Loyalty

  • Loyalty Integrations.
  • Completely integrate your loyalty currency into the payment process so guest have a simple and easy check out experience.
  • Build Relationships.
  • Develop and foster stronger relationships with customers by enhancing your guests’ experience with digital menu tools that provide better, faster service.
  • A Positive Experience.
  • For guests, the intuitive digital menu interface makes finding what they want a fun, easy and interactive experience, leading to greater repeat business and increased customer loyalty.

Comply with EMV Standards

  • Chips and Strips.
  • eTouchMenu devices can take both magnetic and chip credit cards.
  • More Secure Transactions.
  • The eTouchMenu system employs secure P2P encryption to thoroughly protect customer credit card and personal information.
  • Device Agnostic.
  • Select from a variety of tablets and kiosks solutions that represent your brand and your requirements all available on iOS, Android and Windows operating systems.
Every one of the benefits of eTouchMenu comes back to one promise: to create a better guest experience to drive higher ROI.