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You’ve probably dined at a restaurant with a digital menu system, but have you been in a hotel, stadium, airport, or other venue with the same ordering and payment technology?

Unlike other digital menu services, eTouchMenu spans multiple industries because we understand that hospitality doesn’t always come in a standard form and every brand is unique. That’s why we customize our products and services for the requirements of each customer and most industries. We treat each client as a unique opportunity to fulfill its brand vision and service delivery options.

Even as a full service restaurant, your needs aren’t the same as the restaurant across the street. Your digital menu and guest experience technologies shouldn’t be the same, either! eTouchMenu allows your company full control over your customer service interaction, from the first impression to last.

New Digital Menu Technology to Increase ROI

Since our founding in 2012, eTouchMenu has quickly become the leader in the digital ordering and payment industry with more capabilities than any other digital menu service. Our service extends beyond ultra-efficient software. We have a variety of solutions and devices to aid in your customer care process, enabling your business to excel using our software within the structure you want. Each eTouchMenu device is a hospitality companion, allowing your business to be present and provide exactly what your customer needs when they need it.

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ETM Payments, LLC is a registered Independent Sales Organization (ISO) of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA