Fast Casual Restaurant Digital Menu Kiosk

Whether you run fast casual eateries or a quick service restaurants, you are constantly looking for ways to make the customer experience better and your business run more efficiently. You analyze where to cut costs, the optimal number of employees during different shifts, how to market better, and ultimately how to increase your ROI. What if one system could do all that and more?

eTouchMenu for Fast Casual Dining

Your fast casual restaurant has likely seen daily, weekly, or seasonal rushes during which your employees battle the lines of customers waiting to order and receive food. Imagine freeing up the employees who normally take orders and handle payment so that they can help prepare food and get that food to the customer more quickly. After all, your establishment is a fast casual dining experience.

eTouchMenu offers software and devices that work alongside your POS system to take orders and payments from guests. For instance, you could utilize the eTouchMenu kiosk that has a display screen for your mouth-watering images alongside each menu choice. Customers order by tapping the items they want and proceeding to checkout. Each machine is P2P encrypted and EMV enabled to take both magnetic and chip credit cards while keeping the customer’s information safe.

Each menu can be programmed in multiple languages and can switch menus at your command for different times during the day. In addition to security and versatility, menus are completely customizable. With these features, eTouchMenu expedites customer service, improves customer experience, and increases ROI.