Family Entertainment Digital Ordering Solutions

From bowling alleys to theaters, every family entertainment venue offers variety of food and beverage service options. But to get that food and beverage, customers wait in lines far longer than impatient kids and adults usually allow. You can eliminate the lines, streamline the process, and increase customer satisfaction with eTouchMenu ordering solutions.

Amusement Park Kiosk Menu & Ordering

No matter what time of day, an amusement park concessions stand or dining hall must be ready to serve fast and friendly service to hungry people and families.

Free up your servers by turning the ordering and cashiering process over to an eTouchMenu kiosk. For fast casual and concessions venues, our kiosks present an enticing menu with dynamic images to tempt the appetite. An intuitive user interface speeds up customer orders and can even make suggestions to upsell the customer’s order. In addition, the payment process is quick and easy. After ordering, customers can pay with magnetic or chip cards on the spot! P2P encryption secures private customer information.

Bowling Alley Digital Menu & Kiosk Systems

When the pins are set and the lanes are full, a concessions counter at a bowling alley can get backed up with customers waiting to order, pay, and receive food. Streamline food, beverage, and even rental shoe delivery with a digital ordering device on every lane that would showcase a menu of delectable appetizers and other bowling options. At the touch of a button, bowlers can order food and drinks to be delivered to their lane. Plus every device is equipped to read magnetic and chip credit cards with P2P encryption that keeps customers safe.

Digital Menu Ordering for Driving Ranges

Top golf range facilities must cater to clients who expect luxury and unparalleled service as well as casual families who set out to hit a few balls. Your fast casual bistro or a fine dining restaurant can become more efficiency with our digital menu tabletop devices. Each device allows the customer to view the menu, order and pay at their own convenience. eTouchMenu Wearable Technology to complement your tabletop devices by helping servers keep track of orders on the go. The system can support additional services such as scheduling driving range time or private lessons, or anything else you offer through the same device.

Movie Theater Digital Ordering Menu & Kiosks

Movie theater patrons get tired of waiting in line, missing the first minutes of the most recent blockbuster before they can even order. With eTouchMenu kiosks, you can offer guests the option of ordering and paying almost immediately without delay. Every eTouchMenu kiosk comes equipped with magnetic and chip readers to process payments for both old and new credit cards, tied specific to theater reward cards.