Airport Digital Menu Ordering & Kiosk Solutions

Airports make the most of eTouchMenu’s ability to increase speed and accuracy of service while minimizing labor costs. In an airport cafe, bar, or restaurant, space is limited and patrons are constantly on the move. Our SmartMenu™ software and featured service devices can help your guests feel more at ease during a long, stressful layover or keep them on the move for a quick change of flights.

Passengers with Layovers

If you offer a full-service menu with a sit-down atmosphere for those with layovers, your business can adopt Clover or tablet devices. The full digital menu experience will feel like a luxury to patrons, no matter where their destinations lie. They might even forget they are dining in an airport!

With a great customer experience and technology that links your customers to servers, you’ll see your guest check averages rise. Customers will also naturally tip higher for the on-demand service. For frequent business travelers, especially, you’ll become the go-to airport restaurant.

Passengers in a Rush

We’ve all had those travel days when a comfortable one-hour layover shrinks down into a 20-minute sprint to the next gate – and you haven’t eaten all day. Luckily, fast casual dining isn’t out of the question, especially with the help of eTouchMenu.

Your fast casual restaurant or concession booth can benefit from the expediency of a line of eTouchMenu kiosks. With the intuitive SmartMenu interface options, every traveler will be able to quickly assess and make choices on what they want to eat. The pay process takes mere moments, and the kiosk can read traditional magnetic credit cards as well as EMV chip cards.