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Every movie theater serves a plethora of concession goodies from candy to mini pizzas and - of course - popcorn! But many patrons get tired of waiting in line, missing the first minutes of the most recent blockbuster before they can even order. And just like that, your movie theater loses valuable sales due to a simple matter of efficiency.

With eTouchMenu kiosks, you can offer guests the option of ordering and paying almost immediately without delay. Imagine movie-goers entering the theater and being able to order from one of a series of machines with tastebud-tingling photos of all of the snacks, candy, and popcorn that you offer. With the SmartMenu™ technology, your guests will have no problem navigating the menu that we help you design. It’s intuitive, quick, and easy - not to mention that it also eliminates the need for a cashier.

Every eTouchMenu kiosk comes equipped with magnetic and chip readers to process payments for both old and new credit cards. You can even request programming specific to your theater reward cards, enabling customers to add points or receive discounts! Think of all of the time and money you can save from not having to train cashiers or handle the ordering and payment process.

Not to mention that guests find the eTouchMenu kiosk service approachable, reliable, and secure. They never have to worry about information being stolen as each machine is P2P encrypted. And they always get the exact order they want because they are in control. Extra butter, relish on a hot dog, no salt on a pretzel - there is no amount of customization that you can’t address!

As soon as food is prepared, your excellent customer service team can deliver the treats and get customers to their seats to enjoy the show! Ultimately, eTouchMenu is simply an unbeatable hospitality tool to improve customer service and increase your ROI.

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David Jones

CEO Blazing Onion

“We didn't want our iPads to say no when our policy was to say yes, and we wanted a digital menu company that would say yes to our needs as well. eTouchMenu really fits in with our brand culture.”

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