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At eTouchMenu, we value our partnerships as distinct relationships, all of which we hope to see grow. We want to help define your customer service and give your customers an experience in luxury and care unlike they have ever known. We do this by building on your industry and your existing team, along with whatever services and products you offer.

In such a fast-paced society, being able to respond to a customer at the touch of a button will set you apart. And our digital menu software will enable that response, along with increasing ROI through better interaction and marketing.

Discover more about how eTouchMenu fits into the customer service equation in your industry!

Full Service
The customer experience equation for your full service restaurant is simple. Your customer service plus eTouchMenu equals an unbeatable customer experience! eTouchMenu connects your customers directly to the servers for on-demand requests and allows the customer to pay when ready. It also upsells your menu items for larger guest check averages and turns tables more quickly.

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Fast Casual
In fast casual dining, efficiency is key - both for keeping labor costs down and customer satisfaction high. eTouchMenu offers the key ingredients you need to improve the customer experience and your ROI. No long lines. No waiting to pay. Just excellent service.

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In an airport cafe, bar, or restaurant, patrons come and go according to flight schedules. Utilizing the SmartMenu™ technology and devices like theTouchMenu kiosk can help your guests quickly reach their connection without missing a meal.

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Your casino doesn’t just make money in slot machines and table games. It also rents rooms, sells tickets to special events, and - of course - provides food and beverages to keep players and guests on the casino floor. eTouchMenu software and devices can keep your guests playing and the money rolling in.

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A hotel represents the height of hospitality. It’s a guest’s home away from home, a vacation hub, a meeting place, and a relaxing retreat. As such, you aim to provide your guests with all of the amenities and little extras that make their stay unforgettable. Consider eTouchMenu to create a positive impression that translates into guest loyalty while also increasing average room tabs and more!

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Score a touchdown with your customer service! Sports such as baseball and football are an American pastime, and the concession food booths within a stadium generate a lot of fan traffic. eTouchMenu simplifies and streamlines stadium hospitality services so that you attract more sales and please your customers by getting them back in their seats for those big game moments.

Even when off-season, stadium amenities can be a way to generate a much-needed financial boost. Your investment in eTouchMenu software and devices will create year-round effects that boost your ROI.

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Family Entertainment
From bowling alleys to theaters, every family entertainment venue offers some kind of food and beverage service. But to get that food and beverage, customers wait in lines far longer than impatient kids usually allow. You can eliminate the lines, streamline the process, and increase customer satisfaction with eTouchMenu.

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David Jones

CEO Blazing Onion

“We didn't want our iPads to say no when our policy was to say yes, and we wanted a digital menu company that would say yes to our needs as well. eTouchMenu really fits in with our brand culture.”

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