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A hotel represents the height of hospitality. It’s a guest’s home away from home, a vacation hub, a meeting place, and a relaxing retreat. As such, you aim to provide your guests with all of the amenities and little extras that make their stay unforgettable. This is because you want your hotel to be known for its customer experience, both to secure their future business and to give positive references to family or friends.

If you’re looking for a new way to create a great impression, consider eTouchMenu.

eTouchMenu Raises the Bar on Hotel Hospitality
Hotels come equipped with televisions and beds. Some include a mini fridge, microwave, iron, and complimentary beverages. But regardless, hotel management knows that they will be called on for service. A guest might need an extra pillow or towel. Perhaps a light bulb goes out or the tv doesn’t work. Or, maybe someone forgot a toothbrush!

No matter the case, your staff is ready to jump to action and supply the guests with exactly what they need after that inevitable call to the front desk. Consider cutting the classic phone line and going digital with eTouchMenu. An eTouchMenu device such as the iPad could be stationed in every room and used to order extra amenities, forgotten toiletries, or even food and beverages at the touch of a button. For products that cost, guests could also pay on the device or simply add it to their room bill.

Using an eTouchMenu device would cut time and labor down for the front desk as well as track goods and services by room, including how fast and efficiently jobs are completed. Fast service makes guests happier. You could also use the devices to upsell hotel features like spa treatments, VIP rooms, or simply food and drinks, thus increasing your ROI.

Other Opportunities
eTouchMenu is the future of hospitality. If you’d like to know more about how we can make your hotel stand out and enhance its customer service, call us at 702-330-5010!


David Jones

CEO Blazing Onion

“We didn't want our iPads to say no when our policy was to say yes, and we wanted a digital menu company that would say yes to our needs as well. eTouchMenu really fits in with our brand culture.”

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