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When the pins are set and the lanes are full, a concessions counter at a bowling alley can get backed up with customers waiting to order, pay, and receive food. In can take 20-30 minutes just to put in an order, which extends the time for a single game and makes customers cranky. Some customers might even decline great food at a great price because of a long wait. And other customers who come to bowl might turn away if the lanes are not opening up. After all, they are there to play!

The next step in bowling alley customer service is eTouchMenu, a digital menu service that can streamline food, beverage, and even rental shoe delivery! Every lane could have it’s own designated device that would showcase a menu of delectable appetizers and other bowling options. At the touch of a button, the lane could order food and drinks to be delivered to their lane. Without waiting in line, the order is placed instantly, the kitchen can start to cook, and your servers can deliver drinks or shoes right away.

In addition, your bowlers can pay for their orders without ever leaving the bowling rotation! How? Because every device is equipped to read magnetic and chip credit cards with P2P encryption that keeps customers safe. The full order and payment process can happen in the time it takes for one opponent or team mate to bowl.

All in all, eTouchMenu does the initial work of taking the orders, cashiering, and even upselling! Every device can be programmed with a unique home screen, marketing messages, promotions, and upgrades to upsell your services. Through a lot less time and footwork, you’ll be increasing your bowling alley’s income and reputation. You’ll also be able to serve more people in less time and keep the lanes moving!

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David Jones

CEO Blazing Onion

“We didn't want our iPads to say no when our policy was to say yes, and we wanted a digital menu company that would say yes to our needs as well. eTouchMenu really fits in with our brand culture.”

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