Balancing mobile payment security and EMV payment compliance with great guest experience just got a lot easier!


Chip-based payments increase security and functionality, but EMV requirements to accept chip-based cards presents new challenges for hospitality operators. The recent shift in EMV liability to operators is turning up the heat! Operators who have not yet made the shift are seeing charge backs. Increasingly eTouchMenu hears from operators asking what is the best EMV solution?


The current crop of EMV devices are stand-alone devices that do nothing to improve guest experience or increase efficiency. Stand alone EMV devices leave the guest waiting to process their payment.


eTouchMenu is a pioneer in EMV payment solutions that are seamlessly integrated with digital menus. The result is guests able to pay-on-demand right at the table, at their convenience. Guest experience is improved, labor efficiency is improved and EMV compliance met.


eTouchMenu’s seamless, table-friendly all in one EMV solution provides clients the following benefits:


  • EMV compliance
  • Secure payment processing
  • Eliminate charge backs
  • Increase speed, convenience, and improved guest experience
  • Increase table turns