If you’ve already set up shop, it may be time to fortify it. In 2017, the eye-grabbing, attention-getting kiosk options are numerous. Mall, event and tradeshow kiosks are thought out. They’re comprised of unique additions, digital amenities and customer-centric solutions. Does your kiosk have what it takes? Check out these attention-grabbing kiosk options, and make sure your booth is the best.


Interactive Displays


First, you should implement interactive displays. You’ve guessed it: iPads. Today, successful kiosks need digital navigation, support and solutions to thrive. You’ll save expenses by rearranging your products, visually. You’ll also increase your customization power.


Virtual Reality


If you want to take it a step further, consider installing an Oculus Rift of Vive display. These devices aren’t difficult to invest in, any more, and they’re widely used in trade shows to display digital real estate without the massive investment. If your kiosk is a representation of your brand’s bigger potential, absolutely capitalize on VR. Sometimes, the best displays are multi-dimensional.


Small Building Implementation


Kiosks are getting makeovers. For this reason, it’s rare to see mall kiosks outfitted by the same, generic shapes. A lot of kiosk owners are giving their installations the “rock treatment,” covering their booth’s outer walls with building materials, garden displays and smooth lighting. The new units, looking like small buildings, certainly catch the attention of passerby.


Social Media Accessibility


Social media accessibility has become a marketing cornerstone—and for good reason. It’s an incredibly viable multimedia component. By offering video, product presentations, e-store options and even social media buying options, you can ground your kiosk in the digital world. Programs like Instagram’s Buyable Pins and Facebook Messenger’s evolving social buying options are here. Small-scale business locations are using these options, gathering attention not from foot traffic, but from the average customer’s yearning for online options.


Charging Stations


Charging stations are excellent customer attraction points. From a practicality standpoint, customers need a place to sit back, relax and recharge their devices. You can take advantage of charging options even if you’re not a digital product or service provider. Just make sure you have enough room.


Your display, feature and purchasing options are virtually limitless. Once you’ve adhered to your venue’s base requirements, you’re free to get creative. Go beyond the typical kiosk experience, and give your customers something to talk about. Whether you’re setting up an indoor or outdoor installation, your options are plentiful.