If your iPad is running iOS 7, you can utilize its Websites setting within the Restrictions section to allow specific websites. A lot of kiosk owners use this feature to enable customer use without sacrificing their own privacy. By running Safari in Guided Access, they can remove a default “home page” and keep users on a specific page. That said, there are a few options you should know about once you’ve set up the base perimeter. Check out the five kiosk options your iPad needs below, and outfit your booth for success.


Option One: App Feedback


First, you should enable your device’s app feedback options. These options give you information about your iPad’s use, its apps use—and, of course, your customers’ use. App feedback includes error logs. It also includes anything a developer might need to send, acting as a great troubleshooting tool.


Option Two: Per-App VPN Configuration


Per-app VPN Configuration gives administrators access to setup VPN access for specific apps, preventing all other iPad apps from accessing the VPN. This is useful for kiosk operators who need exclusive access. If you’re working in a mall, this option is paramount.


Option Three: Add Membership Options


Regardless of what kiosk app you use, you should select one with membership options. If you want to log your visitors, prompt them for emails and dish out rewards, you’ll need to make an intuitive membership portal option. Give them an easy sign-up box, and find an app which promotes membership sign-ups from start menus.


Option Four: Digital Signature Options


Similar to membership options, digital signature options are necessary to ensure the stability, growth and ease-of-accessibility of your kiosk. Digital signature options are available on most kiosk apps, but you should still make a point to look out for them.


Option Five: Printer Support


iOS7, now, has built-in support for printer access via its configured print servers. These print servers are incredibly useful for kiosks granting products and services. Customers need their receipts, after all. If you want to dish out printed coupons, page copies or other paper-bound amenities, a printer is a must-have.


Your kiosk options are wide and varied. Fortunately, your job as a kiosk operator isn’t limited by your iPad. As iOS7 acquires more updates, you’ll find a slew of new solutions waiting to be uncovered. Use your device to its full potential, and power your kiosk from the ground up.