An upcoming episode of the award-winning series; Innovations w/Ed Begley Jr., will focus on advances in hospitality technology. This episode is scheduled to air 4th QTR, 2018 on FOX Business. Check your local listings for more information.


Focusing on eTouchMenu™, the show will explore how the technology transforms traditional paper menus into immersive digital menu experiences, taking brand engagement to a new level. The segment will also educate about eTouchMenu™ SmartMenu™ software, which has the most intuitive user interface on the digital menu market. For a guest or patron, finding what they want is an easy and fun interactive experience.


From mouth-watering digital imagery to promotional messages, the digital menus created by eTouchMenu™ encourage add-on purchasing and provide guests with a more satisfying dining experience.


“Use of eTouchMenu™ not only eliminates errors and the reduction of revenue, but it greatly increases customer table turnover and the average check size, all of which add to profitability,” said Will Spilecki, senior producer for the Innovations series.


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