Tabletop ordering has become increasingly prominent throughout the industry since OTG Management introduced it in several airports. Now, eTouchMenu, which offers its tablet ordering and payment service across several hospitality sectors, has entered airports, too.

The company is in several restaurants at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International (ATL) through a partnership with Concessions International, and it has contracts to install the tablet ordering systems through a partnership with Paradies at Long Beach (LGB) and with Paradies and Tastes on the Fly at Denver International (DEN).

People are expecting speed and service, as well as the ability to order and pay when they want, says Scott Morrow, CEO of eTouchMenu. The touch pads, available in different sizes for iPad or Android forms, integrate with the restaurants’ point-of-sale systems so customers can make their order at any time without wait staff present. Kitchen and wait staff will be notified automatically. Should they need some personal service, guests can page a server through the technology.

“We’re putting more control in the hands of the customer, the patron, when it comes time to ordering and paying and having access to much more content,” Morrow. “They can see pictures of different menu items, they can read about them, they can get nutritional information – as much information as the establishment wants to provide. They can provide recipes if they want to.”

Restaurants can increase sales by utilizing the tablets because guests will feel more comfortable ordering a last round of drinks or dessert knowing they can pay when they want to, Morrow says, adding that if the product is utilized well it doesn’t take away from the standard relationship between service person and customer, but actually enhances it.

“It’s taking technology and still allowing the personalized service people are looking for,” he says. “We’re blending the science of the technology with the art of the service.”*

*From High-Tech Help by Andrew Tellijohn