If there’s a single establishment that necessitates the ultimate in customer service, it’s a casino. When the goal is to entice patrons to spend as much money as possible, the service must be impeccable. Whether your patrons are playing the tables or whiling away at the slots, you want to keep them there. Fortunately, eTouchMenu has developed a way to do just that. Using our integrative approach to guest satisfaction, patrons can experience the convenience and ease of digital ordering. No matter what your guests require, they can get it at the touch of a button. Nothing says hospitality like exceptional service, and eTouchMenu is here to provide just that.


No Disruptions

When your guests must leave their tables to find refreshments, it affects your bottom line. The more time patrons spend playing, the more successful your establishment is. By using eTouchMenu’s digital ordering devices, patrons are able to remain on the floor, order their items, and remain virtually uninterrupted. Our beautifully-designed and user-friendly interface presents guests with extensive food and drink options to ensure their comfort and continued enjoyment. Upon ordering, the customer’s request is sent to your team of servers, allowing for efficient, convenient, and personalized service.


Detailed and Personalized Guest Experience

Perhaps the most important aspect of guest satisfaction is the level of personalized service throughout your establishment. While digital ordering is highly convenient, it can often raise questions regarding a personalized human element. eTouchMenu has raised the bar by combining the convenience of digital ordering with attentive and personalized service. At the touch of a button, your patrons have access to visually stimulating and information-rich menus. Once they’ve made their selections, they are connected with a server to personalize the experience. Gone are the days of waiting and confusion. eTouchMenu is making sure of that.


Comprehensive Service

To further improve the guest experience, eTouchMenu offers patrons the ability to pay directly from our digital ordering devices. Whether you choose to implement self-serve kiosks or iPads, your guests can order and pay digitally. This cuts down on time spent away from the game and allows guests to remain focused and engaged. Patrons will appreciate the convenience and accessibility of strategically-placed digital ordering devices, which will increase your bottom line.


eTouchMenu is the Future of Hospitality

Keeping your guests engaged is your number one priority, and eTouchMenu is here to help. We offer a wide range of digital ordering solutions to improve your guest experience and streamline your services. Whether you’re looking to implement digital ordering, loyalty programs, or customer satisfaction surveys, we can help you get started. To learn more about how we can improve your guest experience, contact us today or request a demo of our products.