In the hospitality industry, every detail counts. Patrons expect an impressive experience, and in such a competitive industry, impressions are everything. In the age of smart devices and instant gratification, impressing guests has never been more critical. At eTouchMenu, we know how important it is to provide exceptional service. That’s why we’ve developed hospitality solutions tailor-made for the technological world. By combining advanced technology with easy-to-use customer interfaces, we are able to take the guest experience to a whole new level. Here’s how:


First Impressions are Everything

The moment your guests enter your establishment, the critique is on. Gracious service, attentiveness, and ease of use are all factored into a guest’s perception of your establishment. Essentially, your guests are looking for a home away from home—but with far better amenities. That’s where eTouchMenu’s advanced technology shines. Our integrated approach to guest experience offers exactly what guests are looking for, precisely when they want it. Through our efficient and user-friendly systems, guests can connect with service personnel at the touch of a screen. Whether it’s room service, drinks, or simply browsing the dining menu, eTouchMenu offers guests a personal, digital concierge.


Amenities at the Touch of a Button

Worldwide, over two billion people own a smartphone. What does that mean for hospitality professionals? Opportunity. Around the globe, smartphone users have become accustomed to the convenience and instant gratification that smart devices provide. With eTouchMenu, hospitality businesses can offer guests convenience combined with gracious, attentive, and personalized service. Whether your guests require room service, extra towels, toothbrushes, or extra amenities, they can quickly and easily order virtually anything with the touch of a button. They are instantly connected with highly-trained and hospitable staff to satisfy their every need.


Comfort and Convenience

In the fast-paced world of hospitality, convenience is king. Patrons expect memorable, efficient, and gracious service, and eTouchMenu is able to provide just that. With our tabletop ordering systems, patrons can quickly and easily place orders, add additional items, and request service. Are your guests in a hurry and not able to wait for their check? No problem. With eTouchMenu, they can easily pay at the table.


What about patrons looking to upgrade their room or order spa services? You can easily offer these options via eTouchMenu’s digital ordering devices. No matter what you’d like to offer your guests, you can make it available through our convenient and user-friendly system. Not only is our service the epitome of guest convenience, it's also fast, efficient and memorable—all the things a hospitality service should be.


eTouchMenu Hospitality Technology

If you’re ready to improve your guest experience and elevate your services to a new level, eTouchMenu can help. We know how important it is that you impress your guests each time they walk through your doors. That’s why we’ve developed a full-service system to help you do just that. If you’d like to learn more about how eTouchMenu can elevate your hospitality business, call us at 702-330-5010. You can also request a demo of our products!