Regardless of your restaurant location, spring is a time of renewal and energy. And for those of us in hospitality, it’s the perfect time to recharge and freshen up our offerings. One simple but effective way to do this is with digital seasonal menus. With warmer weather and spring fever on the mind, people are ready to get outside, try new restaurants, and enjoy fresh food. eTouchMenu can help you take advantage of this with digital seasonal menus. Here are some of the ways we can help you start fresh this spring:


●        Showcase Beautiful Spring Imagery
One of the immediate benefits of incorporating a digital seasonal menu is the beautiful imagery potential. eTouchMenu devices offer high-definition digital images that dramatically showcase your menu items. Coming out of a gray or cold winter, people crave the bright and bold colors of spring. You can incorporate fresh, new images with your seasonal menu that will entice your guests.

●        Maintain a Seasonal Menu Easily
A digital menu allows you to update offerings with the touch of a screen. It’s simple, fast, and efficient. eTouchMenu makes seasonal menus a breeze, as you can quickly update any current or new menu item with fresh ingredients. Additionally, you can completely revitalize a single menu item or a full section to accommodate your seasonal offerings. No more worrying about old, printed menus or seasonal flyers blowing away on your patio.

●        Improve Guest Service
eTouchMenu digital menus provide several ways for you to create a customized guest experience. From the smart and simple layout to the ordering and paying capabilities, your guests have the ability to set the pace of their experience at your restaurant. Whether your guest desires the freshest options from your seasonal menu or they prefer to customize their favorite dish, you will be able to ensure each guest can get what they want. And with the help of eTouchMenu, your servers will be able to provide even better service to your guests.

●        Increase Efficiency and Revenue
Upgrading to a digital menu this spring will do more than awe your guests with beautiful product photos and fresh ingredients. eTouchMenu allows you to upsell your guests naturally, without appearing pushy. The design is optimized to increase check averages with reorders and suggested menu items. Plus, with increased order accuracy, your guests are happier with their experience and likely to return to your establishment.


Whether you’re getting ready to open up your patio or just thawing out from the last of winter’s snow, spring is here! Amp up your seasonal offerings with the help of eTouchMenu and make 2018 the best year yet for your restaurant. Contact us today for a free demo!