The thought of patio season elicits feelings of both excitement and anxiety for any restaurant operator. There is so much potential yet the logistics and labor needed to execute a successful patio season are enormous. New restaurant technology from eTouchMenu can help you prepare for and ace this year’s patio season. Here are some of the benefits you can capitalize on with eTouchMenu:


Streamline Service All Season Long

Let guests set the pace of their dining experience.

●        This eTouchMenu benefit is a customer favorite. Our digital menu devices and SmartMenu™ software allow your guests to sit in the driver’s seat of their dining experience. With features like pay-at-the-table and quick reorder options, guests can enjoy their time on your patio at their own pace without compromising service.

Help servers manage the increased traffic.

●        eTouchMenu’s Server Watch integrates seamlessly with our tabletop devices and restaurant POS systems. With the help of this new restaurant technology, your servers can focus on providing a truly customized and engaging experience for guests.

Maintain the same expectations on your patio as inside your restaurant.

●        While some restaurants may let service or other elements lag on their patio, it’s certainly not the best option. eTouchMenu can help you keep your patio functioning quickly and efficiently all season long.


Update Menu Offerings on a Dime

Offer seasonal menu items.

●        One of the wonderful things about spring and summer patio season is the abundance of fresh and seasonal ingredients. With eTouchMenu, you can quickly and effortlessly update your digital menu to reflect your monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly offerings.

Set up patio-only specials.

●        eTouchMenu devices allow you to create custom and unique digital menus for any kind of circumstance. Take advantage of patio season and create a patio-only special or even patio-only menu.


Give More Information as Additional Incentive

Provide live music information and more.

●        Patio season is a wonderful opportunity to expand your restaurant offerings and incentives for guests. Whether you add a live music series or weekly date night special, eTouchMenu allows you to inform your guests with all the information they need. Keep events and menu items up-to-date at all times so your guests are never caught off guard.

Get creative!

●        Our devices and SmartMenu™ software are extremely versatile, giving you plenty of room to explore this patio season. Maybe you want to include local weather information or cultural features—the sky’s the limit!

List pairings with seasonal beer and wine.

●        People’s love for seasonal pairings is no secret. Take it to the next level by providing special options during patio season and keeping it updated easily through eTouchMenu.


Is your restaurant ready for patio season? Take the next step in streamlining your services and providing an elevated guest experience with eTouchMenu. Contact us today!