Brand image is essential to long-term success for any business in the hospitality industry. It is very complex and often hard to nail down, but nonetheless brand image is important to spend time cultivating. eTouchMenu bridges the gap between guest service and your brand in a way that sets you up for success. When your guests have a great experience at your establishment, it bolsters your brand in a way that cannot be matched by advertising alone.


Our digital menu devices and proprietary software allow you to reach firm business goals while also refining your brand image. Here are some of the ways we can help you achieve success:


Staying Relevant in the Modern Economy

Technology is everywhere and people are expecting faster and more catered service at every turn. Whether you’re operating a fast-casual restaurant or a boutique hotel, eTouchMenu can help you connect to your guests in this modern economy.


Showing Logo, Branding, and Menu Items Beautifully

The eTouchMenu devices provide beautiful, high-definition visuals and an intuitive user experience. You can refine your brand image through custom photography displayed throughout the device software and also by having your logo proudly and clearly displayed.


Providing Clear and Concise Information

Your guests will appreciate the valuable information right at their fingertips. Their positive experience will help grow and refine your brand image and overall brand recognition. eTouchMenu allows you to customize what your guests see and enhance their experience for a thoroughly curated display.


Gaining Reliable Feedback

Review systems are built directly into your eTouchMenu devices and software allowing you to gather reliable feedback from your guests. Guests appreciate their voice being heard, and when it is convenient to do so, that’s even better.


Building a Good Reputation

When a guest at your establishment has a good experience, they are going to spread the word. eTouchMenu allows you to provide exceptional guest service that’s memorable and noteworthy. Building a good reputation is essential to refining your brand image.


Demonstrating Success

With the use of sleek, new technology and beautiful software, you are demonstrating success to your guests. And when that translates into a positive experience, you’ve been able to secure that brand message for your guests.



eTouchMenu is the Future of Hospitality

Are you ready to take that next big step in advancing your hospitality operation? We’d love to discuss the options available through eTouchMenu, and provide a free demo. Contact us today!