Hotel technology in undergoing big changes. At eTouchMenu, we’ve developed hospitality solutions that will help you take your hotel guest experience to the next level. With the combination of beautiful design, smart technology, and a hands-on approach, you can provide your guests with unique and tailored service.


In the lobby.

As your guests enter your hotel, they expect a certain level of hospitality and service. From the concierge to the check-in desk or station, people desire comfort, speed, and ease. And throughout their stay, exceptional service is expected on a 24-hour basis. This is where hotel technology from eTouchMenu comes into play. In this area of your hotel, implementing our kiosk device offers a unique yet practical service touchpoint between you and your guests. From this kiosk, guests can order drinks to be sent to their rooms, pay their room service balance before heading out for an event, or check the evening’s chef special in your hotel restaurant. It’s convenient, simple, and easily integrated into your system.


In the room.

Whether your guest is staying on business or for pleasure, room service is expected to be quick and convenient. And, as accustomed as we are all becoming to ordering what we desire from the palm of our hand, it is becoming necessary to include such convenience with hotel technology. At eTouchMenu, we believe this is the here and now of hospitality, not simply the future. Our iPad device is perfectly suited for elevating your guest experience in their hotel room. With our device, guests are able to order a midnight snack, an extra toothbrush, log loyalty program points, and anything else you’d like to offer. It’s simple, familiar, and engaging.


In the restaurant.

When it comes time to dine at your hotel restaurant, eTouchMenu can connect you to your guests at yet another point in their stay. Here, we are able to take service to the next level with either our iPad or Clover device. As guests are seated, they have the opportunity to browse a beautifully designed menu, outfitted with full descriptions, pairings, pricing, substitutions, and more. With the aid of a highly trained and personable server, your guests can experience the best of both worlds. They can order that extra side whenever they want, call a server to ask a question, order another round of drinks, and pay at any time. It’s elegant and efficient, while also being easily integrated into your system.


eTouchMenu Hotel Technology

Are you ready to elevate your guests’ experience at your hotel? We’d love to partner with you, connect and engage your guests and keep them coming back each time they choose to travel. Learn more about why you should choose eTouchMenu and request a demo today!