Casinos are undergoing a digital guest experience transformation. Guests are expecting faster and more streamlined service at every point in their casino experience. From the moment they walk in the door and head to the floor or their hotel room, the pool, the restaurant, and everywhere else in between, it’s your job to keep them engaged. And part of that is through impeccable service at every available point.


And that’s where we come in.


eTouchMenu offers a wide range of digital menu technology solutions, with each having the ability to be shaped and adapted to your specific needs. With both our software and hardware options, your casino will be outfitted to establish and maintain a premium guest experience, all while integrating with your current technology and extending the life of your legacy technology investment. Below are some of the benefits, features, and results you can expect by incorporating eTouchMenu:



Immediate ROI

●        Increase check averages.
Guests have a better casino experience from start to finish, whether at your restaurant, on the floor, or poolside. Data show that guests spend 19% more when ordering on the the eTouchMenu digital menus.

●        Faster table turns.
Your casino will see bigger and faster orders hit the floor due to the efficiency provided in eTouchMenu. Your servers are able to do their job more efficiently while your guests feel well attended and able to set the pace of their service.

●        Upsell marketing.
Our digital menus are beautifully designed, fully incorporating your casino’s branding and style to match. Additionally, each device offers pairings with available food items, top-shelf alcohol upgrades, room service add-ons, and much more to entice your guests successfully every time.



Engaging Guest Experience

●        Better product detail and description.
With an eTouchMenu device handy, your guests will have all the information they need at their fingertips. Gone are the days of waiting for a server to find you or to wait forever in a line to simply ask a question about an ingredient or the availability of a certain menu item. Our digital menus will have all the information your guest could want on menu items, services, and more.

●        Prompt and attentive service.
All of our advanced digital menu technology allows your employees to shine. They can focus on providing truly tailored service to your guests, providing a unique and memorable casino experience.

●        Guest surveys and loyalty programs.
eTouchMenu will allow you to streamline your loyalty programs throughout your casino, allowing guests to take advantage of it more often. Plus, you’ll be able to get genuine and fast survey responses conveniently, with no pressure, at the end of a transaction.


Finding the best digital menu solutions for your casino has never been easier. eTouchMenu offers more customizability, more features, more support, and more results. Our team works with you to implement everything smoothly and quickly so you can hit the ground running. Contact us today to request a demo and learn more!