New digital menu restaurant technologies are here, and they’re going to help you make 2018 THE year for your casual dining business. eTouchMenu brings the restaurant industry a smart, versatile technology solution that engages guests and drives sales. Through increasing efficiency and enhancing the guest experience, restaurant technologies such as ours allow operators to focus on truly growing a business.


It’s no secret that 2017 was tough on casual dining restaurants. As the economy shifts and consumer expectations adapt, it’s imperative for operators to stay up-to-speed on new, effective solutions. eTouchMenu can help you climb out of the casual dining slump and focus in on what really matters to your guests.


●        Convenience. So much more than location, convenience is about speed, accessibility, and consumer control. eTouchMenu allows your guests to control the pace of their experience at your restaurant right from the beginning. They can peruse your beautifully designed and easy-to-use menu, ordering at their own speed. Servers can then focus on providing a more curated restaurant experience, and together with the natural prompts on the digital menu, there is faster table turnover and higher guest satisfaction.

●        Menu Diversity. As an industry, we’re already moving away from the large, all-encompassing monster menus and toward a more focused, tailored menu. This allows restaurants to create a menu that reflects their core and highlights their best abilities. People like a mix of old standards and new, seasonal menu items, and to have fewer but better choices available to them. With eTouchMenu, you can easily update and customize your digital menu in any number of configurations to fit your needs.

●        Quality. There are so many options for consumers, especially when it comes to dining. As the industry continues to grow, quality becomes an even more important deciding factor—quality service, design, food, beverages, you name it. Additionally, incorporating a sleek, handy digital menu shows guests your dedication to restaurant technology and growth.


Start this year strong with restaurant technologies that will help you trim the fat, grow your business, and build guest loyalty. eTouchMenu works with you to find the best digital menu solution, and our team then ensures your team is prepared to implement successfully. With full integration and support, we’re able to bring your casual dining restaurant into the 21st century so you can continue to serve your guests and grow your business. Learn more about why you should choose eTouchMenu and request a demo today!