Casino service can be that defining edge between a good guest experience and a great one. And let’s be honest, a person who has a great experience is likely to spend more money, increase loyalty, and share their experience with others.


When it comes down to it, your guests desire a seamless experience from start to finish. And while you may have all the areas of your casino connected through an integrated system, how easy is it for your guests to order a drink or grab a snack on the floor? Do they have to get up from their game to find the nearest server, bar, or refreshment station? Anything that requires your guests to interrupt what they are doing to seek out food or beverage is a hindrance on both the time they spend playing and on their experience at your establishment. Taking the time to improve the casino service you offer with new and effective technology will enhance the guest experience and advance your bottom line.


eTouchMenu takes advantage of this guest engagement opportunity  with our proprietary digital menu technology. From kiosks to handheld digital menus, we can work with you to find the perfect combination to meet your guests’ needs. Learn more about how we can help:


No hassle. No waiting.

With the convenience and efficiency of a handheld device, your servers will be able to attend to each of your guests quickly. At the touch of a button, a drink is ordered even before the server leaves the company of the guest. Within moments their drink is delivered directly to them wherever they are playing. It’s that kind of effortless service that will keep your guests on the floor longer.


Simple and engaging.

During those moments when a server is unavailable, kiosk stations come into play. When placed conveniently throughout the casino floor, guests can engage, order, and pay at their leisure. eTouchMenu digital menus are beautifully designed and easy to interact with, making the experience pleasant and simple for any guest. Guests can order and pay, and even redeem rewards points at our kiosks. With these self-service kiosks within a short distance, your guests are able to move around slot machines with ease or stay put at a Blackjack table as they wish. eTouchMenu’s ‘campus’ solutions will ensure guests are engaged and having the time of their lives.


eTouchMenu is the sure bet when it comes to your casino’s food and beverage sales. Take advantage of the opportunity to engage guests and drive guest experience. Interested in setting up a demo or learning more? Give us a call at 952-679-6337.