Our iPad digital menu may seem like any other digital ordering device out there, but it is nothing of the sort. The power and beauty of the iPad alone are enough to set it apart from the crowd, not to mention the effectiveness of our proprietary SmartMenu™ software which interfaces with it effortlessly. But we’re not here to simply tell you about our system; we’re here to show you how it can impact the guest experience in such a way that you’ll never look back.



When it comes down to it, the essence of a restaurant dining experience should be delightful. This doesn’t mean ‘fancy’ per se, but it does encourage a certain level of care in the look and feel of the restaurant as well as with the food and beverage quality. We believe that you can take it to the next level with iPad digital menus. First, there’s the tangible delight of holding the perfectly-sized iPad, interacting directly with the menu interface rather than fumbling with a food and drink menu. Then you have the big, bold, and beautiful graphic capability of the iPad, showcasing your menu offerings in high definition photography with modern graphic design. These seemingly simple items add up to a truly delightful experience for your guests.



An informed guest is a happy guest. In this era of knowledge and the ‘internet of things’ people want to know all the details, the juicy backstory, the helpful insights... you name it. This is where the nature of our iPad digital menu shines brightly. Depending on your restaurant, your menu, and your guests, you can decide how much or how little to include. Maybe you want to show the farm to table journey of some of your items, or maybe the flavor profile of your most popular wines, or perhaps you simply want your guests to know what goes into your gluten-free pasta.



An effective digital menu like the eTouchMenu iPad empowers your guests by giving them control over their experience. They can browse for as long as they like, order at their own speed, get that extra side when they want and finish by paying when they are done and ready, not a minute before or after. Guests can guide their own way through the curated content you put there, so while the guest is certainly empowered, so are you as the operator. Along with your trained staff, the iPad digital menu caters to the needs of your guests, increasing efficiency, accuracy, and overall satisfaction.


Facilitating an enjoyable guest experience is paramount to success for any restaurant. At eTouchMenu, we know this deep down, which is why we’re so confident in our system. Learn more about why you should choose us and call 952-679-6337 for a demo today.