Raise your hand if flying during the holiday season is your favorite thing. No one? We’re not surprised. Spending valuable time stuck in an airport is no one’s cup of tea. However, there are some things that help pass the time. One of those things is food.


Airport restaurants have the incredible task of serving travelers, and during the holiday season, everything is escalated to make that task even more challenging. eTouchMenu digital menus provide a practical solution for your business so you can, in turn, provide the best airport dining solution to your guests. Here are some of the ways both you and your guests can benefit from implementing eTouchMenu digital menus:


Faster Service. Stand apart from the crowd by allowing guests to bypass long lines. The eTouchMenu iPad or Clover device can be placed at the table or bar  where guests can sit, relax, and order at the speed they require.


More Nimble. Operating an airport restaurant certainly has its unique challenges. Digital ordering devices help you stay nimble during busy travel times with features that allow you to instantly change the menu offerings, update pricing, or add event and holiday-specific items. You can stay up-to-date, so your guests get the best service at a time when they’re likely to be stressed or tired. Plus the mere fact that guests control the flow of orders means guests are not waiting for ‘in the weeds’ servers to visit their table. With pay at the table guests pay as soon as they are ready to catch their flight. Pay at the table means no more painful waiting that leads to unhappy guests.


Elevated Experience. Airport travelers are looking to get quality food quickly, without sacrificing time. The days of only fast food or full sit down options are gone as many airport restaurant operators are catching on to this trend. Digital ordering devices allow your guests to set the pace that they need as they travel, bypassing laborious fast food lines or a frustrating wait for a table. Guests expect more control today and frankly why shouldn’t they?


Increased Traffic. All of these things are helpful to someone traveling in an airport, but they also benefit your restaurant operations. eTouchMenu digital ordering devices allow you to trim the fat, so to speak, paving the way for your servers to be quicker and more efficient. This provides your guests with amazing service that will likely lead to them visiting on their next trip and spreading the word to their traveling colleagues. Also, the nature of our products, with beautiful food and beverage imagery and intuitive upselling features, entices your guests to spend more. All this to say that you can improve service AND increase traffic.


Are you ready to invest in the success of your airport restaurant? Learn more about why you should choose eTouchMenu and how we can help you transform the guest experience.