There are several ‘moments of truth’ to the customer experience in your restaurant. Waiting for service is one of them. Whether waiting to order, waiting for a refill, the forgotten side of dressing or the guest check, guests spend much of their time waiting on the server to help them. In fact, dining out is as much or more about waiting than it is dining. Today, eTouchMenu digital menus are flipping the script and giving guests greater control over their experience while making life easier for servers. eTouchMenu digital menu solutions, whether in the form of iPads, clover devices, kiosks, or server watches, are improving the customer experience they always thought was possible.


Improve Your Restaurant's Efficiency

Restaurants, airports, casinos, and entertainment venues are often judged on the attentiveness of their service as much as they are the quality of their food. Guests who leave reviews will often leave high praise or harsh criticism based on how easy it was to order their food, how quickly they received it after the order, or how long they waited for the check.


eTouchMenu digital menu solutions give guests instant access to food items with the tabletop ordering system. Since the orders are automatically sent to the kitchen without waiting on servers, the food can be prepared and sent out in a more efficient manner. If a customer needs service from a waiter, he or she can send a request through the ipad menu, and a request will pop up on the server’s watch letting the server know which table and what they need. Guests no longer have to wait for the server to come by the table.



With eTouchMenu, Your Order Has Never Looked Better

Our advanced menu ordering systems allow guests to view stunning photos of mouth-watering culinary treats that will tempt the appetite of anyone dining in your establishment. They also provide complete descriptions of all menu items with plenty of options and eTouchMenu’s patented SmartMenu upsell system enables guests to build the ultimate meal by suggesting the best add-ons based on the items viewed and selected. In essence, patrons can now ‘build’ their dream meal and send their order straight to the kitchen and bar.


eTouchMenu Gets Your Order Right Every Time

Whether you’re running a coffee shop or a steakhouse, getting the order wrong affects the efficiency and workload of your entire staff and can backup an otherwise smooth workflow. eTouchMenu eliminates the problem of an incorrect order making its way from the table to the chef. You no longer have to worry about cashier or server errors when taking food orders.


Waiting to Pay? Not with eTouchMenu

Research shows that waiting for the check does not positively contribute to the guest experience. In other words, waiting for the check after an otherwise pleasant experience can only detract and anyone that eats out knows waiting for the check can be frustrating and leave a bad taste in the guest’s mouth. eTouchMenu, with their pay at the table solutions, solves the age-old problem of waiting for the check. When guests are ready, they simply pay securely at the table on the digital menu. eTouchMenu’s pay at the table solutions include the latest point-to-point encryption and and EMV security features.


eTouchMenu: Designed for Your Customers

eTouchMenu offers speed and convenience that is unparalleled in the restaurant industry. If you would like to know more about our time-saving technology, contact us today at 952-679-6337 and request a demo. We are the future of hospitality.