We talk a lot in the food and beverage industry about the guest experience, but we all know how important the employee experience is as well. Happy employees translate to happy guests and a thriving business. And with the advent of dining technology and the ever-rising threshold of guest expectation, we want to talk about how eTouchMenu can truly improve the day to day experience of your servers, baristas, wait staff, and other employees.


Focus completely on guest experience. Even your best servers are going to have off days or encounter a frustrated and rushed guest. It’s during these circumstances where eTouchMenu shines, not to mention how well every other day will go. What happens is that when utilizing digital menus with the server watch, your employees know exactly when your guest needs a refill, when the table’s food is ready, and anything else that might come up. Plus, your guest is able to review the check and pay without having to flag down the server! Your employee is able to focus on delivering a customized and focused guest experience that leaves all parties more satisfied.


Enriched interactions with guests. From the moment your guest is seated, they start looking out for their server. Your employee arrives promptly, and with the aid of a beautiful digital menu, they are able to engage with the guest. The big, beautiful graphics on eTouchMenu devices set the tone for a classy and enjoyable experience. With all the information in front of them, your employee is able to have a rich interaction, developing a more nuanced server-guest relationship.


Serve more tables and guests efficiently. Digital menus and the server watch, removes the guesswork from your employees. They know immediately when guests need anything and also when they have paid and left. This allows for much faster table turnover and thus more business!


Go home with more tips in pocket. As operators, you understand the value with regards to the success of your business. However, it’s important to consider the success of your employees. Better, on-demand service translates into an improved quest experience and higher tips. Digital menus have also proven to increase check size, which also boosts tip size. All in all, your employees, from the servers all the way to the bus boys, leave their shift at the end of the day with more tips in their pockets.


Your employees are the backbone of your establishment, setting the stage for your guests’ experiences. By incorporating the highly effective digital menus and server watch from eTouchMenu, you not only show your employees that they are valued, but you invest in their success along with that of your own. Learn more about eTouchMenu here.