We’ve come to the point where the connection between dining and technology simply cannot be severed. Tools such as tabletop tablets have become more than necessary; they’ve become expected by your guests. And the beauty of such devices like the eTouchMenu Clover device is their versatility in how they streamline the guest experience. There’s no set way to approach adding a tabletop tablet to your establishment – the sky’s the limit! However, if you’re looking for some ways in which the Clover device could be incorporated into your business, here is a quick breakdown of how it could help at the bar, at the dining table, and even at the counter.


At the bar.

Incorporating a tabletop tablet such as our Clover device onto your bar is a surefire way to set your establishment apart from the crowd. Imagine your guests being able to enjoy all the benefits of sitting at the bar but not having to flag down the bartender, or wait for them to notice an empty drink. Or now it’s during the late night hours, and your bar is busy with crowds of people waiting to order a drink. Instead of hoping to be noticed at some point by a bartender, your guests could place their order on the Clover device and rest assured a drink is on its way.


At the dining table.

The Clover on the dining table streamlines the entire dining process. Guests set the pace as they browse the menu, order the items they want, and then pay the bill when they’re ready to go. Servers are able to focus on providing your guests with everything they need as they need it, allowing for increased efficiency, faster table turnover, and better tips.


At the counter.

Coffee shops, delis, juice bars, and similar establishments will relish at the positive presence a tabletop tablet can bring. The need for an employee manning the register is greatly reduced, as guests are able to browse the menu, learn about each item, order, and pay all from one simple device at their fingertips. This helps businesses streamline processes, reduce labor costs, and also allow employees to focus on providing a stellar product and guest experience.


eTouchMenu offers everything needed for you to enhance your guest experience. With our Clover device on hand, you’ll be able to trim the fat on your operations. Our proprietary SmartMenu™ menu technology included in every device plus the hands-on training and support allows you to take that next step with confidence. Contact us today to learn more and receive a free demo.