Every operator in the service and hospitality industry is looking for ways to improve customer service. Whether you manage a small team of servers or a whole casino complex, keeping your customers engaged, satisfied, and ultimately coming back for more, is essential to staying competitive. That’s where technology comes in.


The crossroad of technology and service is not new. Depending on how long you’ve been in the industry, you’ve seen how much POS systems began to change in the 1970s or how the internet revolutionized the speed of everything in the 1990s. Technology plays a key role in how we do business every single day. Not only does it impact internal processes and systems, but technology also changes the mind and expectation of the customer. This is where we as operators come in. Bringing exceptional technology in to meet and exceed expectations and thus improving customer service.


At eTouchMenu, we’re passionate about great tech, and we’re passionate about helping businesses reach the next level in providing amazing value to their customers. Here are some of the ways incorporating digital menus, kiosks, and server paging watches could help you improve customer service throughout your operation:

●        Customers set the pace THEY want. No more unsuccessful mind reading by servers. Guests  can browse, order, re-order, and pay when they want.

●        Relevant information is at their fingertips. Finding out the price of a drink, or the ingredients in the daily special, or what events are happening later that month, is simple with eTouchMenu. No more flagging down a server or dealing with tons of menus cluttering the table.

●        On-demand service becomes the norm. With so much of our daily experiences becoming available on-demand, it only makes sense that dining, hospitality, and other service-focused businesses do so as well.

●        No more waiting for a check. One of the most frustrating service experiences is waiting for a check. eTouchMenu allows guests to pay with a card at any time or page their server to pay with cash.

●        Full buy-in from YOUR team. Great technology is simple and effective. Your team will be able to focus on what matters, improving the customer experience while also increasing their job satisfaction and increasing tips.


eTouchMenu is a POS integrated solution. Whether it’s Clover, iPads, kiosks, or another of our many custom solutions, we work with you and your team to find the best technology solution for your business and help implement and train everyone involved. The future of hospitality is here! Learn more about what we have to offer here and contact us when you’re ready to take the next step in improving customer service.