It’s no secret that self-service kiosks are being integrated into restaurant and dining establishments around the globe. Operators recognize the incredible opportunity that technology brings to the table, and they are getting on board. Take Subway, for example. They recently announced their new ‘Fresh Forward’ initiative, which will include the use of self-service kiosks among other new dining technologies. Other leading companies in the quick-service and fast-casual dining industry, such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Panera, are also making the move toward incorporating technology in this fashion.


Self-service kiosks and the evolution of dining technology do more than give guests a tactile ordering experience. They provide another opportunity for a positive guest experience and brand touchpoint that leaves a lasting impression. Following are seven benefits and features that kiosk technology offers guests and operators:

●        Big and beautiful images. We operate in a visual world, and it’s well-known that one great image can sell something better than thousands of words. Technology facilitates the incorporation of beautiful imagery into digital menus and self-service kiosks.

●        Convenience. People live busy lives and expect businesses to cater to their needs. From easy reordering to amazon-like ‘customers also bought’ experience.

●        Customization. This is so important in today’s world, when customization is becoming a center point of the changing guest experience. Technology allows businesses to not only customize their menus and offerings, but it allows guests to customize their experience AND their order, creating a unique and positive engagement.

●        Easy pay. Technology has made the guest paying experience faster and smoother, which can be a huge pain point for many people.

●        Loyalty programs. The evolution of technology has made loyalty programs much more feasible for many businesses.

●        Order accuracy. Technology has made great strides in compensating for human error in the restaurant industry.

●        Speed. Self-service kiosks provide convenience while being ‘line busters’. Guests now can choose to wait in line to speak with someone behind the counter or control and expedite their experience at the kiosk.


The evolution of technology has changed how people engage with businesses. Especially when dining, guests are expecting more control of their experience. As Mark Netsch, CXO at eTouchMenu says, “We are seeing a natural evolution in dining experiences with the integration of technology. Technology is accepted and useful in most areas of our lives. The application in dining makes sense for both consumers and operators. Operators recognize the opportunity to improve guest experience, engagement, and profits.” As a trailblazer in the dining technology movement, eTouchMenu offers everything needed for you to enhance your restaurant’s guest experience. With our proprietary SmartMenu™ menu technology, range of hardware offering and hands-on training and support, you can take that next step. Contact us today to learn more and receive a free demo!