Providing a seamless customer experience is a common goal throughout the hospitality industry. From the moment your customers or guests walk through the door of your establishment to when the time comes for them to leave, their experience should be cohesive and complete. Especially for those of you running resorts, casinos, or hotels, maintaining a strong and seamless customer experience is essential for success and repeat business.


Here in Minnesota, we are still reveling in the heat of summer, however, for many of you, peak business is up ahead. And what speaks more to a vacation getaway than spending quality time at the pool? While your customers flock to the pool, you can enhance their experience by integrating digital menus to your poolside service.


Imagine this: your guest is enjoying a nice afternoon at the pool but could really use a margarita. Instead of having to flag down a server, search for a menu, or even trek to the bar, your guest can find just what they want, when they want it, with a digital menu by the pool.


Intrigued? At eTouchMenu, this is what we’re all about. Here are some of the reasons why a digital menu will upgrade your poolside manner for a seamless customer experience:

●        No shoes, no shirt, no problem. While your establishment may not require pool guests to cover up to order a drink or a meal, a digital menu removes any perceived or real barrier to service that may have been present.

●        On demand. Your guests can order anything they’d like at the touch of a screen, adding to their room tab or swiping a card whenever they are ready. No waiting around. No paper receipts flying away. No missed orders. Your service team can then focus on delivering a more catered and efficient experience.

●        Simple, sleek, and modern. Take your entire establishment up a notch, and into the 21st Century, with an eTouchMenu kiosk or table top digital menu. No more dealing with laminated paper menus or old-fashioned menu covers that need to be constantly updated, cleaned, or replaced.

●        Business-wide integration. The beauty of eTouchMenu is the versatility of our products. Whether at the pool, at the bar, in the hotel room or on the casino floor, you have the power to curate your guests experience on another level with digital menus.


eTouchMenu devices incorporate our exclusive SmartMenu™ software. Easily formatted to fit your needs, our intuitive platform allows you to create a beautiful menu of items for your guests. If you are interested in learning more about our available ordering devices or what sets us apart from the crowd, please contact us today!