Whether you’re running a mall kiosk or a restaurant service, having customizable options matters. Each guest’s experience can be improved by on-demand benefits. From start to finish, your menu’s options should prioritize their ease of accessibility. Below, we’re covering the best menu options around. If you want to outfit your digital menu and kiosk devices with intuitive options, consider the following:


Customizable Food Options

If your restaurant has custom food options, reduce the need for an attendant. Instead, outfit your digital menu with custom addition options. By giving buyers the ability to click condiments, select special options and deck out their dish with favorite items, you’ll enhance their dining experience—whether it’s in-house or on the go.


Start to Finish Processes

By incorporating a start to finish process, you can ensure the customer's satisfaction at every step. Help them order, obtain follow-up service and pay at a moment's notice, and maximize your customer retention at every step. By keeping in touch with customers throughout the buying process, you can ensure an easygoing, assisted environment.


Help Budgets with Price Sorting

Buyers want affordable items, but they're often tied up by overstuffed menus. By listing products by price, you can help customers sort out their buying process. Or, let them sort by popularity. Alphabetical options, too, are useful. When customers need their products, they need them quickly. By having a variety of sorting options available, you can ensure they're able to browse quickly, purchase quickly, and return quickly. Price sorting your menu's items can also reduce checkout cart abandonment, leading to more sales.


Synchronize Menu and Website

If you’re working out of a kiosk, you can connect your digital menu with your online eCommerce portal. In doing so, you’ll keep customers up-to-date on daily deals, in-stock items and purchasing opportunities. Today, shopping synchronization matters. You can save time, money and customers by prioritizing much-needed information. Plus, digital menu synchronization is easy to set up.


Regardless of your industry, your shoppers deserve help when shopping. Digital menus look great, offer great options and enhance the buying experience. Really, they’re leading the future of sales. Restaurants, mall kiosks, event marketing booths and on-the-go displays can benefit from digital menu use. Check out this year’s leading options with eTouchMenu, and give your workplace an on-demand feel. Digital ordering devices can be outfitted with an iPad, iPhone or personal computer—so you’re always connected when you need to be.