Who doesn't like a good deal? Your customers want products on demand, and they’ll keep returning if you’re dishing out awesome deals. A truly customizable deal platform prioritizes buying options, time flexibility, and immediate access. It’s no surprise mobile coupons, SMS deals, email signups and social media marketing offers are popular. Check out the top five digital offers customers love to see, and outfit your marketing plan for success.


Weekly Specials

By using a customizable menu, you can ensure weekly excitement at the push of a button. Format the welcome screen to promote a “Catch of the Day” section, or create custom templates for holiday specials. By marketing across different seasons, you can entice even out-of-town shoppers.


Discounted Newcomers

Whether you’re experimenting with a new item, incorporating a new line or simply want to dish out once-in-a-lifetime options, consider giving discounts on new menu items. Customize your digital menu, and cater to the newcomer’s popularity by adding enhanced budgeting options.


Tricked Out Meals

Even if you’re not a burger shop, a pizza restaurant or a taco joint, you can still give customers customization options. Why stop there? Give them discounted customization options. If they want to trick out their meal, let them. Promote new condiments, new sides and new combos by highlighting the cheapest options, and nudge them through the door into eating paradise.


Loyalty Programs

Turn your customers into loyal followers by maximizing your presence and availability. Connect your device directly to a server, and connect customers with long-term cost saving plans via your entire hosting process. Let them pay at the table, then give them immediate offers for joining the VIP club.


Daily Deal Reminders

If you’re using touch technology to rep your menu, give them immediate information about exclusive menu choices, services, and daily deals. Improve sales and customer feedback, and boost the customer’s interaction by redefining their entire experience. Daily deal reminders work anywhere, but including them into a touch-friendly environment is a great way to promote must-have options.


Digital deals have revamped the way professional conduct business—and in a good way. Because on-demand options are winning out, modern decision makers are crafting astounding plans, incomparable deals, and amazing services. Get involved at the ground level, and trust in a partner like eTouchMenu.


By redefining your customer’s experience, you can ensure long-term fans. Retention matters, and your business should make it a priority. By using digital ordering devices, touch-screen menus and immersive shopping platforms, you can easily create, dish out, and cash in on digital options. Customers are always looking for new deals, and they’ll love a platform which prioritizes their time.