Fast casual dining has taken the world by storm in recent years. With the ultimate combination of speed and convenience without sacrificing quality, fast-casual dining is a top choice for many people looking for a bite to eat. That being said, the expectations of customers and potential customers has also risen with the tide. There is a unique challenge for you as a manager, business owner, or franchisee to maintain a certain level of customer service while also keeping employees satisfied in their jobs.


One way to tackle this problem is with kiosk technology. Many fast casual dining establishments have already implemented the use of kiosks and have seen tremendous results. Not sure if it’s for you? Here are some things to consider:


●      Kiosks allow your customers to feel in control of their experience. They can see their options clearly in front of them and can customize their orders more readily.

●      You actually have more control of your customer’s experience. From the beautifully designed interface and photographs to the discrete and effective upselling that happens at the screen, kiosks allow you to set the stage.

●      Smart, quality technology makes your employee’s daily workflow much more efficient. They can focus on providing better service to the customers they interact with, plus being able to facilitate orders more quickly.

●      Your fast casual dining establishment stays fast, and even gets faster, without compromising. Lines are shorter for your customers, which improves their experience. All the while, your employees increase productivity, as they don’t have to manage growing lines and complicated orders with the same frequency as before.

●      You can effectively stay on top of your competition. With the growth of fast casual dining combined with improving technology and restaurant innovations, it is critical for you to take the next step in implementing a digital menu solution.


If you’re looking for a unique and truly ground-breaking kiosk to add to your establishment, consider eTouchMenu. Our trademarked software elevates the customer experience for a seamless, interactive process. We work with you to set up, install, and train your employees for maximum uptake and success. With our software technology, customers can pay safely and securely, while you and your business stay protected as well. With eTouchMenu kiosks, you can “sit back” so to speak, as your customers order, pay, and enjoy their fast casual experience at your establishment.