There are many facets of a restaurant experience that make it an enjoyable event, or perhaps otherwise. Quite possibly the most important facet is the guest experience at the table. From viewing the menu to making the payment and everything in between, there are a lot of small events that create a larger experience. What if you could elevate that experience with a digital menu at the table? At eTouchMenu, that’s what we do. Bringing eTouchMenu to the table accomplishes more than providing a digital representation of your menu, it allows you to create a guest experience that leaves a positive, lasting impression.


Here are some of the benefits from bringing eTouchMenu to the table:


●      Seamless dining experience. The interactive digital menu does more than provide a list of your menu items; it facilitates an experience. Guests can view amazing photos of what you serve, get an in-depth description of any item, and can even request additional items later in their meal, including refills. With the server or kitchen getting direct messages from the tabletop device, your guests are no longer waiting to make requests.

●      Guests set the pace they want. Whether they need to be in and out in a hurry or are looking for a relaxing dining experience, with eTouchMenu at the table, your guest can set the pace. Your server doesn’t have to guess anymore! When guests set the pace, they are much happier with their experience.

●      Digital checks and payments. We’ve all been there. Done with the meal and ready to leave but can’t seem to get a check. The digital menu offerings from eTouchMenu have a solution to that problem. Our tabletop devices are equipped to provide digital checks and secure tabletop payments so your guest can pay when they want.


Here are eTouchMenu tabletop device options:


●      Clover Device. Installed as a permanent item on a table or countertop, our Clover device allows your guests to engage as soon as they sit down. With the ability to be more than a simple digital menu, it can be programmed with menu items, games, and more. The Clover provides a seamless connection between your guest and their server. The main purpose is to streamline the payment process so your guest can view their check and pay easily and securely.

●      iPad. The eTouchMenu iPad allows for increased flexibility in designing your guests’ experience. With the options to secure at the table or “float” with the server or host, the iPad takes your table service to the next level. Beautiful, high-quality photos and a versatile and easy-to-use interface make this device a joy to use for any guest at your establishment.


If you’re looking for an effective, modern solution for your dining establishment, a digital menu is a smart way to go. At eTouchMenu, we’re setting the stage with our groundbreaking software and user experience design. Learn more about how you can change the guest experience here.