Digital menus give your guests an easy way to control their entire dining experience. Not only do digital menus make your servers more efficient, but they also give your guests the opportunity to engage with your menu in an interactive, explorative way. But just like any other technological feature, it has to be designed properly to be useful.


Categorize Your Menu Neatly

Your menu should have a clear and orderly hierarchy. Remember, your guests don't necessarily know what your offerings are -- they aren't going to know where to look without some guidance. By putting some thought into the menu, you can accomplish two things: making it easier for them to order and up-sell the products you're most concerned about.


Get the Best Pictures of Your Menu Items

Digital screens today actually have a higher resolution than most printed menus. When you upload pictures of your offerings to your digital menu, you need to make sure that they are both high in resolution and bright in color. Otherwise, they may seem either unclear or unappetizing. The larger and more expressive your pictures are, the easier your customers will find it to make a decision.


Make It Easy to Split the Check

Check-splitting is one of the major things that tends to hold people up at the end of the meal. In fact, research shows that payment process is a continuing source of frustration to guests. Not only can waiting turn a positive guest experience into a negative one, but it also affects the turnaround time for your tables and even tips. Luckily, digital menus come with advanced features to make it easier for checks to be split -- whether they want to split it at the beginning of the meal or after. This also means that waiters and waitresses will have to do less payment processing themselves, freeing them up to improve the guest service experience.


Reduce the Clutter

Your menu needs to be as straightforward as possible. Though there is the temptation to add extraneous information -- such as news about events, deals, discounts, and coupons -- it should generally be avoided. Instead, focus on displaying your menu items clearly and with as little additional text as possible. This will help your customers focus.


Remember, experience has to be at the forefront of all of your technology. But UX design is a highly technical field that has a lot of research behind it. In order to improve upon the experience your guests have, you should speak with a professional digital menu company, such as eTouchMenu.