Point-of-Sale systems used to be large, clunky devices that were attached to registers -- but that isn't the case anymore. Modern POS systems often run off small devices, such as tablets, and they can even be used while mobile. Many companies are now switching to an entirely mobile POS infrastructure, where employees each have their own smartphone or tablet. This enables employees to complete transactions while on the floor with customers.

Transactions Can Be Completed Quickly

In nearly any industry, there is an advantage to completing transactions quickly. Not only does this lead to happier customers, but it also means that customers will be able to commit to a transaction faster, rather than potentially getting cold feet or walking away. The faster the transaction process is, the greater the chance for customer conversion. This also means that customers will not be left waiting during busy times and you will never find yourself turning customers away. On the employee side, it means fewer overworked employees and more satisfied and personable employees overall.

Mobile Systems Are More Affordable

Mobile systems can usually be run on any iOS or Android device. This gives a business a lot of freedom to tailor their POS system to their own needs and budget. Other POS systems require advanced hardware and software purchases, whereas a mobile system may be as little as a single device and an app. As the organization grows, they can add more mobile POS systems or even some traditional POS systems to their infrastructure. This allows for greater affordability and scalability.

Employees Will Be More Visible

A mobile POS means that employees can remain on the floor the entire time, rather than having to stay at a counter or walk back and forth to the register. Having visible employees means more than just fast sales; it also means better customer service. Customers who are interested in products will be able to ask questions faster, and employees will find themselves having to run back and forth far less.

There are many different types of POS system available today. Many of the mobile POS systems available can also be turned into traditional register systems with the right hardware, giving the functionality and benefits of each. eTouchMenu provides a variety of options for any company that requires a point-of-sale system. Contact eTouchMenu today to begin exploring your options.