A retail kiosk is only as good as its user experience is. If your customers hesitate before using your kiosk, it's ultimately only going to cause a longer wait for them and more work for your employees. The goal of a retail kiosk is to automate as much of the customer service experience as possible, putting your customers fully in charge of their own transactions. Here are a few features that your customers are likely to want.


A Sleek and Easy to Use Interface

Customers should have to go through as few steps as possible in order to complete their transactions. There is a certain type of "feature creep" that can occur when companies program their retail kiosks. The temptation can be there to keep adding prompts and questions in order to capture additional sales and information. This is not as valuable to the company as it may seem; if customers feel the kiosk is a hassle, they may forego its use altogether.


A Modern and Attractive Design

Kiosks have existed for decades, but they have only become modern and easy to use within the last few years. The more modern your kiosk looks, the more likely a user is to give it a chance. A kiosk that hasn't been designed for modern appearances may be avoided from the outset, as the customers may simply assume that it's an outdated (and therefore frustrating) piece of technology.


A Touch Screen With Tool Tips

One of the easiest ways to make your kiosk usable is to add a touch screen. In fact, customers today expect a touch screen and will often find themselves trying to use a touch screen even if it doesn't exist. Additional tool tips (which appear on the side and tell the customer what each function does) are an easy way to provide information to the customer in an unobtrusive way.


A Well-Integrated Selection

Retail kiosks should be integrated into a business in such a way that they offer everything the customer should expect to be offered. In other words, the customer shouldn't go through the checkout process only to find that certain options are only available if they talk to a customer service representative -- this will just frustrate the customer. Unless there's a very good reason for leaving things out, all options should be available through the kiosk system.


eTouchMenu creates advanced, innovative customer service kiosks that are designed with usability at the forefront. Any business can create a kiosk, but it takes more than just a standard kiosk to improve productivity and sales. If your business wants to invest in new retail kiosks, contact the experts at eTouchMenu today.