Why eTouch

With several digital menu services in high circulation at popular chain restaurants, what sets eTouchMenu apart? The answer is simple: eTouchMenu offers more. More customizability. More features. More support. More results.

Every one of the benefits of eTouchMenu comes back to one premise: better customer service and a higher ROI.

Increase Revenue

  • SmartMenu™ Flow - Every device that uses SmartMenu™ software has the most intuitive user interface on the digital menu market. For a guest or patron, finding what they want is an easy and fun interactive experience.
  • Upsell Marketing - From mouth-watering digital imagery to promotional messages, the digital menu we create for you will encourage add-on purchasing.
  • Increase Guest Check Averages - Due to a better guest experience and proper table marketing, guest check averages increase.
  • Increase Order Accuracy - When a customer orders food, products, or services directly from an eTouchMenu device, the information is recorded and sent to your team to carry it out. No more hand-written orders or forgetting a request that causes a reduction in revenue.
  • Improve Table Turns - This benefit pertains to full service and other food service industries. Because service itself is faster, the check is delivered at the touch of a button, and payment happens immediately at the table, a table can be immediately turned over for new guests. Faster table turns means more revenue.

Enhance Guest Experience

  • Order on Demand - No matter your industry, every guest can make an order the moment they are ready with our ultra-responsive system.
  • Request Service - Guests never feel ignored. If something more is needed, they have direct access to one of your waiters or other customer service agents.
  • Pay at the Table - Guests like being able to pay immediately when they are done with a meal or service. eTouchMenu provides multiple payment options at the touch of a button.
  • Increased Participation in Guest Feedback - The days of receipt surveys are over! Your establishment can receive instantaneous feedback via the eTouchMenu software. You can choose to prompt your guests with a survey after payment, and they are more likely to participate than ever before.

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Improve Service Efficiencies

  • Reduce Labor Cost - Our devices handle the payment process for your services, in many cases entirely eliminating the need for a designated cashier or anyone to take orders (in the case of fast casual). In full service restaurants and other establishments, far fewer servers are needed as efficiency increases.
  • Fewer 'In the Weeds' Shifts - As our software and devices increase server accuracy, organization, and table capacity, there becomes less need for filling in small gaps in your employee schedule.
  • Better Tips - As customer experience improves, your servers are more likely to receive larger tips. The devices also have a tip calculator built in to encourage appropriate tip size.
  • Servers Love It! - eTouchMenu reduces the stress on servers while increasing their income. What’s not to love?

Pay at the Table

  • Digital Check - No more waiting for computer access to print out a guest check. The entire bill can be viewed and paid at the table without having to run back and forth to process credit cards, etc. Your guests can even print a receipt!
  • Payment Flexibility - Guests can choose to pay with all credit card types, charge to their room, or use a reward program.
  • Swipe and Pay - Paying is as simple as swiping a card and tapping the screen. No complicated math to calculate the tip or waiting for the server to return.
  • Secure P2P Encryption - Your guests’ credit card information is encrypted to ensure it’s not stolen.
  • EMV Ready - Every device has the capability to read a credit card’s microchip as the country transitions to EMV technology.

Technology Integration

  • Professional Project Management - We help you create a concept map of what you’d like your menu and service structure to look like.
  • Install Support - When you select eTouchMenu, we will work with you to integrate our software and devices into your current system.
  • Server Training Program - We help train your servers or other employees to work in harmony with the SmartMenu™ software and hospitality companion devices.

Software capabilities

  • Real Time Menu Changes - Our SmartMenu™ technology isn’t static. You have control to alter menu items, switch between lunch and dinner menus, or choose which promotional images you run at certain times of day.
  • Digital Communication with Server - Every server can be outfitted with a watch that links to their tables, giving them guest updates as well as order status.
  • Multiple Languages - Your menu can include an option for other languages so that every guest feels welcome.
  • Menu Analytics - Our system records data about ordering trends, etc. so that you can optimize your menu for a greater ROI.


Mac Gregory

CEO Saint Marc

“eTouchMenu is the steering wheel to your culinary experience at Saint Marc. Our ambassador service and the eTouchMenu together provide you an experience that can’t be replicated.”

David Jones

CEO Blazing Onion

“We didn't want our iPads to say no when our policy was to say yes, and we wanted a digital menu company that would say yes to our needs as well. eTouchMenu really fits in with our brand culture.”

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