Digital Menu & Ordering Kiosk

The eTouchMenu kiosk is a great addition to any fast casual dining establishments or concessions venues. The menus are typically less complex for a quick ordering and payment process. From start to finish, the guest has control. And it stands alone!

Because there doesn’t need to be a cashier taking orders or handling payment, your need for manpower is reduced. Your overhead goes down as your labor decreases. In addition, the line length and wait times for guests are decreased drastically which improves customer satisfaction overall.

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Mac Gregory

CEO Saint Marc

“eTouchMenu is the steering wheel to your culinary experience at Saint Marc. Our ambassador service and the eTouchMenu together provide you an experience that can’t be replicated.”

David Jones

CEO Blazing Onion

“We didn't want our iPads to say no when our policy was to say yes, and we wanted a digital menu company that would say yes to our needs as well. eTouchMenu really fits in with our brand culture.”

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