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Home for the Holidays: Digital Ordering Solutions for Airport Restaurants

eTouchMenu provides practical solutions for airport restaurants that improve the guest experience and increase business.

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Digital Menus: Speed & Convenience Enhance Your Guest's Experience

Digital menus have now become commonplace in restaurant and business settings that offer dining. They create efficiency in your restaurant, and your guests will love them.

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Improving the Employee Experience with eTouchMenu

Learn how eTouchMenu can truly improve the employee experience at your establishment.

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eTouchMenu Clover Device – A Streamlined Tabletop Tablet

Tabletop tablets such as the eTouchMenu Clover device allow you to cater to your guests, providing a streamlined and pleasant experience.

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4 Ways to Improve the UX of Your Digital Menu

Digital menus have a lot of advantages for both servers and guests, but they have to be properly developed to provide a great user experience worthy of your brand.

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Launch of eTM’S Digital Menu Makes Bacon Fly at Saint Marc’s Restaurant

Huntington Beach, Calif.-based Saint Marc Pub-Café, Bakery & Cheese Affinage has a brand mission of giving guests the ability to create their own service experience. As part of that plan, the company has rolled out eTouchMenu at its first U.S. location and will use the platform throughout its growth process.

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David Jones

CEO Blazing Onion

“We didn't want our iPads to say no when our policy was to say yes, and we wanted a digital menu company that would say yes to our needs as well. eTouchMenu really fits in with our brand culture.”

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